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Wearable-based assistant for ensuring child group safety on the move

Collaborators: Olivier Chabloz, David Da Silva Andrade,  Prof. Andres Upegui

WEAZARD is a WEArable system to overcome potential haZARDs while going out with children. In contrast to existing systems, WEAZARD allows for relative positioning in indoor environments where GPS is not available. It is based on a series of wearable devices (e.g., wristbands), Bluetooth LE communication capabilities and a tablet or smartphone serving as the master device. The tablet or smartphone application collects information regarding the approximate distance of the children wearing the wristbands and generates alarms mainly when a child is out of reach. The wearable devices are endowed with simple communication capabilities (e.g., gossip protocols). They can relay to other wristbands and to the master tablet/smartphone application, information regarding other nodes as well as information from beacons preinstalled in the environment (so called anchors). In this project, we developed two algorithms to properly deal with this information with the objective of estimating the relative localization of nodes and the proximity of out-of-sight users to other users. Such a system can be used by childminders or families while going out in the city (e.g., taking the subway, visiting a museum, a mall, etc) or attending a large public event (e.g., comptoir suisse). Other applications that can easily take advantage of this service are: points of interest location, entertainment (based on local interactions, dating, friend finding), indoor object localisation, etc.

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